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Running 4 a Cure
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Running 4 a Cure
Running 4 a Cure

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597 days ago, Emmah created this page and gave everything for Cure4CF Foundation Limited:

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My Story

Running for a Cure

My wife and our inspiration, my rock and mother to our 2 children. Children we were told we couldn't have due to Emmah's chronic and life-threatening illness cystic fibrosis.
Our children won't understand until they are older just how special and incredible their mum is. I know though.
Some of you who think she is already inspirational still don't see the side of her that I do. You mostly see the energetic, bubbly side as she doesn't like to show her vulnerable side. After all CF is known as an invisible illness. 

As Em says, never judge a book by its cover.
I see her at those good times, but at the worse. When she is lethargic and has no energy – is hurting and frustrated that she has no control of what CF does to her.
I hear and feel the constant coughing everyday and throughout the nights. I see the battle scars from her childhood surgeries. I see the tablets around the house, the nebulizer drugs in the fridge and our laundry cupboard, which has turned, into a store room for her ridiculous amounts of medications.
I've also seen so much heartache and unfortunately still see her heartache from losing many of her friends to CF. Most who haven’t reached their mid 20’s.
There is so much more her story and to Cystic Fibrosis, slowly she lets people in just enough to get a glimpse of the life we live.

Emmah is a woman of many ideas and let me tell you that she has many.
Em motivates me because she is a do-er, she sees something she wants, she creates the opportunity and no matter what obstacles arise, she some how seems to make things happen.

Her latest idea, is to take part in the Sunday Mail – Bay-City Fundraiser.
I am proud to see she has been exercising most days to prepare herself for the upcoming event.
Due to cross infection with other CF’s she has found it hard to get a team of people together.
So this time, I want to help be apart of her achievements and am getting involved.

Em will be walking the 12kms and I am planning to run – Run to raise awareness for my darling wife, Run to help her raise funds for the Cure4CF Foundation and to run, to support her.
Em is an ambassador for The Cure4CF Foundation, which I find uncanny, as the Team Leader of the Research Group, Associate Professor David Parsons, was a man once introduced to Emmah as a young girl, by her Mum. Em tells the brief story on how David would be always in the “background” experimenting in the labs, whilst she would undergo lung function, it was during these times, her Mum said that this man, David Parsons, would be the man to cure CF one day.
I have not seen Emmah so hopeful like she is, thanks to the team.
I know how much being an ambassador for the foundation means to Emmah.
So for me, it means Hope for her and our family.
The Expiry date for Emmah seems to extending, which excites me.
We may really get to “grow old” together.

Follow Emmahs page: CF Mummy https://www.facebook.com/Emmahmoney/
Help her spread the word of CF and follow her journey.

Every dollar counts and your generosity will go a long way.
Donation page: https://baycity2017.everydayhero.com/au/running-4-a-cure

Come along
Sunday March 19th
Register below and become part of the team
Whether you Walk or Run – youll be doing it for a great cause

Contact us
emmah.money@hotmail.com for more information

Thank You

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